There are several rules to reduce any inconvenience during your stay.

Please Note

  • All the facilities of BoA travel house is available Only for those who have made a full payment.
  • Our reception is open 9AM~4PM and there is no curfew. Access to the house is by swipe card only. For your safety, CCTV cameras are equipped.
  • Pets are not allowed in the guesthouse.
  • Drinking is permitted in the guesthouse before 11 p.m. After 11p.m, it is NOT allowed.
  • The guest who causes displeasure someone or goes against proper religious and cultural etiquette is subject to be checked out compulsively.
  • Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in the whole building except the roof garden. If Not, there is a fine (30,000won) for smoking.
  • Under age guests are not allowed to share rooms with members of the opposite sex.(unless they are family) Provided that a guardian stay one room with minors, he(she) should submit the ownership documents.
  • You are supposed to compensate us for damage to property through your carelessness. In case you accompany your kids, you should be fully responsible and liable for any injury, harm, property loss, or damage caused by your child during the stay.
  • We do not guarantee for the missing so, please make sure you take all of your belongings with you.
  • Our rooms are open ONLY to the resident of BOA. The lounge is open to non-residents as well. Only in case of letting the staff know about your visitor.
    To stay with your friend or outsider without notice is prohibited.
  • After 11 p.m. please do not make a noise for other guests.
  • Additional customers can not stay in your room. If we find it, penalty(200,000 KRW) will be charged automatically.

Check In & Out

  • Check In : From 3PM(Self check in after 4PM), Check out : 9AM~12PM. Please let us know in advance for early check out/late check in.
  • When checking out, your lodging deposit is refundable after returning the key card.
  • There is additional charge for late check out. If you'd like to extend your stay, please let us know it before 11 a.m. Then, we can tell you that it's available or not.

Internet & Computer

  • The computers in the lounge are Only for searching information or word processing. Please do not play computer games or download programs.

Baggage Room

  • Before check-in and after check-out, we can keep your baggage in the cloak room.
  • If you travel other areas, you can leave your luggage for free.(Maximum for 1 weeks.)

Rules of Rate

    1. Rates for Kids (Free or Charged)Free : Under 48 months old  /  Charged : Over 49 months old

    2. Charge for an Extra Bed              10,000KRW